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Recylcing, it's for the whole family! (large version)Each year in Dorset we throw away over 200,000 tonnes of household waste. Although we recycle almost half of this, thanks to Dorset residents, there’s lots more we can do, including reducing the amount we throw out in the first place.

This blog gives you the chance to get involved in recycling, to find out the latest on recycling from your local councils and to follow the adventures of Sammie Strawberry!


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2 Responses to “Welcome to the Recycle for Dorset blog”

  1. RedRobin Says:

    So, all my food waste goes into a ‘cone’ in the garden and breaks down into black mulch. All my plastic carrier bags go to Waitrose, paper and cardboard waste goes into the recycling containers, as do bottles, cans, plastic bottles, but what about all that plastic food packaging?

    The plastic bottles container says no to all except the bottles.

    Isn’t it about time the authorities got real and provided something for recycling plastic food packaging? Most of it carries various recycling marks!

    • dorsetrecycling Says:

      Hi RedRobin,
      At the moment, local residents are only able to recycle plastic bottles. This is because there have been limited end markets to recycle wider plastic types. Packaging is often made up of several different types of plastic and it is difficult and expensive to separate each type of plastic before it can be recycled.

      The good news is that progress has and is continuing to be made nationally, and Dorset local authorities are monitoring these developments closely. We will be assessing the possibility for the collection of mixed plastics in Dorset for recycling in 2010. This will include looking at the costs of the service.

      Progress has also been made through UK packaging legislation, which has helped to achieve a 60 per cent packaging waste recycling rate in the UK.

      More detailed information on packaging and recent developments in recycling can be found here

      In the meantime, we encourage everyone to keep up the great work and continue recycling as many materials as they can.

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