Watch your waste


Smart shopping (large version)The first ever European Week for Waste Reduction is taking place between 21 – 29 November and we are encouraging you to do as much as you can to reduce your waste.

Despite being one of the top performing counties in the country for recycling, we still need to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. You don’t have to make sacrifices, just make simple lifestyle changes that could save you money and help improve and protect our environment – saving energy and reducing C02 emissions

Here are some smart shopping tips for a low waste lifestyle:

• Plan meals ahead of your weekly shop so that you only buy what you need – two for one offers sound like a great bargain but ask yourself do you really need or want the extra one?
• Say no to plastic bags by reusing your own shopping bags
• Buy products made from recycled materials
• Shop locally so that you can walk, cycle or use public transport
• Buy refills of cleaning products and toiletries
• Return junk mail and remove your name from junk mail lists – mpsonline (opens in a new window), the preference service (opens in a new window)
• Repair and mend items rather than throwing them away
• Donate furniture, computers and white goods and clothes to reuse projects
• Compost your kitchen and garden waste
• Avoid single-use disposable products e.g. nappies, tissues, facewipes, razors, plastic cups, kitchen towels and cameras
• Choose goods with less packaging. Try buying fruit and vegetables loose and use the delicatessen, bakery or fish counters many supermarkets have. And, buy locally produced goods whenever possible

Read more tips here. And, if you have a hot tip we’ve not included come on, tell us and others in Dorset about it!


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