Forget the Big Chill, get freezing!


Entertaining this Christmas (large version)Do you know what’s in your freezer without taking a look inside?

All sorts of food including bread, meat, ready meals and homemade leftovers are easy to freeze. This festive season, Dorset’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign is encouraging you to make better friends with your freezer to help you save money and reduce your food waste.

Here are three frosty tips to get you started:

  • Don’t want to think about going to the shops over the Christmas period? Then stock up on some basics. Milk and bread are both ideal for storing in the freezer so you can make a cup of tea or a hot chocolate without having to venture out in the cold
  • Many traditional Christmas food items can be prepared and frozen ahead of your Christmas guests coming to stay. So make an early start on the stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and brandy butter and store in your freezer
  • Prepare roast potatoes in advance: cut and par-boil potatoes, leave to cool and freeze flat When frozen solid they can all be popped into the freezer and taken out for a roasting on Christmas day – season and sprinkle with olive oil and they’ll come out crunchy and fluffy!

More tips (opens in new window)


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