New food waste recycling scheme for Sherborne


Kitchen waste (large version)Great news for Sherborne residents, West Dorset District Council are introducing a major new recycling scheme to transform food waste into compost.

The scheme, which launches on 26 April 2010, will see food waste, including bread, cakes, meat, fish, yoghurts, dairy produce and cooked meals, picked up for recycling each week from your home. You can still home compost vegetable peelings, fruit, tea bags and egg shells.

Here are the facts you need to know:

  • Food waste will be collected alongside normal rubbish from 9,000 households in Sherborne.
  • Around 750 tonnes of food will be collected each year when the service starts.
  • If the scheme proves successful we will look at extending it to the rest of west Dorset in the future.
  • By using the new weekly food waste service and the fortnightly recycling service, the average household in Sherborne should produce no more than two bags of landfill waste per week. So, when the scheme starts we will be limiting refuse collection to two normal sized black bags per week per household.
  • The average household in West Dorset throws away 14kg of waste per week. After recycling glass, cans, paper, cardboard and food waste, two bags are enough for the rest of the waste.
  • Some households will be eligible to apply for an exemption. You will need to contact the customer service team at West Dorset District Council for more information.

Click here for more information

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