Spotlight on…packaging


Packaging leaflet (large version)Are you frustrated by the amount of packaging you throw away and want to know what is being done to reduce it?

A series of roadshows will be taking place across the county in coming weeks, where you can find out what has and is being done to reduce packaging waste and the impact it has to our environment.

Plus, did you know that an unwrapped cucumber loses moisture and becomes dull and unsaleable within three days but just 1.5 grams of wrapping keeps it fresh for 14 days? You can also find out more about how packaging reduces food waste and pick up some top packaging tips.

The first roadshow kicks-off on Tuesday 16 February at Sainsbury’s in Ferndown, so come along and see us.

Check out our full timetable of roadshows.


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4 Responses to “Spotlight on…packaging”

  1. dressingmyself Says:

    That sounds really interesting. I am in the wrong county!
    I am annoyed by plastic hangers for socks and underwear. I am sure that retailers could think of something better.

  2. JessicaDutton@bcu Says:

    No roadshows going on in my area, disappointing. Your packaging posts are very interesting!

    • dorsetrecycling Says:

      Thanks, packaging is a topic that generates a lot of interest and it’s important to let people know what the retail industry is doing to reduce it. Our campaign is being organised by Dorset councils, and so roadshows are only taking place in the county.

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