Weymouth ‘Give it a Grow’


Compost clinic at Goulds Garden Centre in Weymouth (large version)

To celebrate Compost Awareness Week (2-8 May), we are running a series of compost clinics at locations around the county. The first one kicked off at Goulds Garden Centre in Weymouth.

Visitors picked up some top tips on how to get started, how to make good compost and how to make the most of their compost bins.

Did you know the key to making good compost is in adding the right ingredients?

  • A 50/50 mix of ‘greens’ (tea bags, vegetable peelings, fruit scraps, old flowers, grass cuttings, spent bedding plants) and ‘browns’ (garden printings, coffee grounds, tissues and paper napkins, egg boxes, shredded or scrunched up paper) makes great compost.
  • Do not add meat fish or dairy products to your compost bin as this can attract vermin. Cooked vegetables and diseased plants should also be kept out as they can spoil your compost mix
  • Within nine months to a year your compost will be mature enough to use. You’ll know it’s ready when the compost has turned into a dark, crumbly soil-like substance.
  • Don’t forget to keep adding greens and browns to top up the bin as the material at the bottom matures.

Come along to one our compost clinics to find out more!

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