Top three potential sites for Bridport


The results of the final stage of review of potential sites for Bridport’s new waste management centre have been published.

Broomhills, Gore Cross (North of Watford Lane) and Miles Cross 2 (South of West Road) are named as the top three sites.

The independent review takes into account the conclusions of technical assessments, public feedback, and consultation with district and parish councils as well as bodies such as the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership.

Gore Cross and Miles Cross 2 were both assessed as having development potential. However, the findings of the report suggest that Broomhills has greater potential for a new household recycling centre and waste transfer station.

The findings of the report will be presented to the county council’s Cabinet on 15 September, with recommendations to carry out additional assessments on Broomhills.

These include:

  • More detailed ground water and flood risk assessments
  • Topographical survey
  • Full Transport Assessment, junction design and Junction Safety Audit
  • Nature conservation studies to identify any protected species
  • Pedestrian access
  • Costs of development

Read the full Stage 2 report here.  Also see our Bridport waste management facility site review FAQs  page for more information.



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