New green solutions leaflet


Pick up the new food and garden waste solutions leaflet today (large version)A new leaflet featuring all you need to know about food and garden waste solutions is now available. It focuses on how you can reduce food waste, help the environment and save money.

It’s packed with information about:

Wormeries – process of using worms to break down kitchen and garden waste, to create faster than normal composting.

Food digesters – These take all household food waste. No compost is produced, instead food waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of residue that needs to be removed from the basket every few years.

Compost bins – Come in all shapes and sizes. The key to good compost is getting the mix of “browns” (items such as egg/cereal boxes, straw and hay) and “greens” (tea bags, grass cuttings and fruit peelings) properly balanced.

Hot composters – Are different from normal compost bins because they can take all cooked and uncooked food waste. They also produces compost unlike food digesters.

The leaflet also has a useful flow chart to help you choose the best solution for you as well as information on typical costs and where to purchase them.

Check out the new leaflet today and try one of the many food and garden waste options available.


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