It’s a breeze to freeze


Matt Boulter, Sammie Strawberry and Gemma Coles offer roadshow visitors freezer tips (large version)Shoppers in Ferndown and Christchurch recently discovered how to become freezer experts at our new ‘it’s a breeze to freeze’ Love Food, Hate Waste roadshows. They picked up some top tips about how to reduce food waste by making the most of their freezers.

Sammie Strawberry was also on hand to chat to roadshow visitors about the variety of foods that can be frozen as well as giving them free freezer recipe cards.

Freezers can be used to store tasty home cooked meals, leftovers and preserve food that’s reaching its use-by date. So why not try some of our frosty freezer tips:

  • You can freeze foods right up to the end of the use-by date
  • Cook once, eat twice – make double portions of things like lasagne and bolognaise sauce so that you can eat one and freeze one for another meal
  • Save space in your freezer by using small containers and freezing liquids in bags (freeze them flat first). Remove unnecessary packaging but remember to cut out the instructions first
  • Buy large bags of meat and fish, which can often work out more economical, then divide them into smaller portions
  • Visit your freezer often and keep tabs on what’s inside

Come along to our roadshow and take our freezer quiz.


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