Celebrate it’s Dorset Food Week!


Love Food Hate Waste roadshow at Wimborne Food Festival (large version)It’s Dorset Food Week (23 – 31 October 2010), so there has never been a better time to start cutting down on the amount of food we throw away.

Kicking off the week, our recycling officers spent the weekend at the Wimborne Food Festival, speaking to more than 1,350 people about saving money by getting smart with food and using their freezers more.

So, if you haven’t made friends with your freezer yet this autumn, why not start preventing food waste today with these three tips:

  • If you cook too much for a meal such as fish pie or chilli, put it in a container and store your homemade ‘ready meal’ in the freezer, ready to enjoy on a cold winters evening
  • Make sandwiches filled with unexpected combinations of tasty leftovers, such as chicken, bacon and mayonnaise, lamb and mint sauce or cheese and coleslaw
  • Keep an eye on the food in your fridge and freeze anything that you’re not going to eat in time. You can freeze foods right up to the “use-by” date.

And, it’s not just food that can be frozen. Rather than letting wine go to waste, freeze it, then you can use it in stews or casseroles!

If you want to find out more and pick up one of our delicious freezer recipes our Love Food Hate Waste freezer roadshow will be at South Street, Dorchester on 27 and the Tourist Information Office, Sherborne on 28 October, so come along and chat to us.


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