Waste watch


Stop junk mail (large version)The second ever European Week for Waste Reduction is taking place between 20 – 28 November.

It’s also the perfect time of year to start watching your waste, so we’re encouraging you do whatever you can to reduce and recycle your rubbish this week and leading into the festive season.

Below are some simple tips that could save you money. They also help protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, saving energy and reducing CO2.

  • Reuse your own shopping bags
  • Buy products made from recycled materials
  • Shop locally so that you can walk or cycle – saving you money and petrol
  • Buy refills of cleaning products and toiletries
  • Return junk mail and remove your name from junk mail lists – mpsonline (opens in a new window), the preference service (opens in a new window)
  • Donate furniture, computers and white goods and clothes to reuse projects
  • Compost your kitchen and garden waste
  • Avoid single-use disposable products e.g. nappies, tissues, facewipes, razors, plastic cups, kitchen towels and cameras
  • Choose goods with less packaging
  • Buy locally produced goods whenever possible
  • Instead of throwing your clothes away, organise a swap shop party with your friends, take them to a textiles recycling bank or give them to a charity shop
  • Drink tap water instead of buying bottled water

If you have a great tip, share it with us and the rest of Dorset to help increase the county’s already impressive recycling performance!

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