Have a home-made Christmas!


How to make gift bags from envelopes (large version)Save money, help the environment and have fun by planning a home-made Christmas this year. There are plenty of great ideas on how to make your own attractive and unique festive decorations from recycled papers and materials, which are available from a variety of arts and craft shops. Plus you can also make the most of any used patterned papers, catalogues or magazines you see.

These can be used year after year. But the good news is when they start to look tired or you decide it’s time for a change, old ones can easily be recycled and you can make colourful replacements.

Recycle Now (opens in new window) has lots of short videos providing fun and creative ideas for you to try. Check out the eco friendly gift wrapping and home-made decorations clips or send an E-card, choosing from one of 12 seasonal designs.

There is also an advent calendar (opens in new window) featuring a green tip for everyday leading up to Christmas. Today’s is – Ask the kids to get involved in the household recycling routine while they’re on Christmas holidays. They can find out lots about recycling by playing some cool games on Recycle Now.



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