Christmas card recycling


Don't forget to recycle your Christmas cards (large version)Don’t forget that you can recycle your Christmas cards when you take them down on the twelfth night. The Woodland Trust (opens in a new window) are once again encouraging you to help leave a festive legacy by collecting your old Christmas cards for recycling from high street stores TK Maxx, M&S and HomeSense throughout January.

2011 will be the last ever Woodland Trust Christmas card recycling scheme and as a result the Trust is aiming to plant 12,000 trees this year. This would take the total number planted since the scheme started 14 years ago to 200,000!

Alternatively, you could give some of your Christmas cards a new lease of life by cutting up some of the more attractive cards to make gift tags for next Christmas.

You can also recycle lots of your Christmas rubbish by using your kerbside recycling box, mini recycling banks in supermarket car parks and other locations or the county council’s household recycling centres.

Real Christmas trees can also be taken to your nearest household recycling centre or check whether your local district or borough council is running a special tree kerbside collection here.


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