Donate it, don’t dump it!


Choose to reuse (large version)

Do you have a little black dress which no longer fits or toys your children don’t play with?

A new campaign promoting the benefits of donating not dumping unwanted yet good quality items launches at Christchurch market today.

A series of ‘choose to reuse’ roadshows are touring the county encouraging you to give your unwanted cast-offs to friends, relatives, charity shops or local furniture reuse organisations instead of throwing them away.

Finding a new home or use for things requires minimal effort and makes a real difference to the environment by preventing good condition items from ending up in landfill sites.

By donating items to charities or furniture reuse organisations not only will you be supporting the local community, you’ll also be helping to raise money for great causes while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Find out where roadshows will be taking place here.


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One Response to “Donate it, don’t dump it!”

  1. Ben Vass Says:

    This is a great idea. If you visit a local council waste disposal site it is quite disturbing to see the sheer volume of good quality items that are being disposed of. Any schemes that encourage reuse is a good thing

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