Choose to reuse


Toys taken to a Give or Take day to find new homes (large version)Our next choose to reuse roadshow will be taking place this Thursday (24 February). Recycling officers will be at the Co-operative in Kings Road, Swanage from 10am to 2pm so come along and talk to us about reuse at home and in the local community.

By giving your unwanted items a second lease of life you will be helping the environment by stopping good condition items from being landfilled.

You can even start today with our three top reuse tips:

  1. Give unwanted items to friends, relatives, charity shops or furniture reuse centres. Or take them to a Give or Take day – see our events calendar. You could also join free reuse networks such as Freecycle, where you can advertise things you no longer want and people contact you if they want them.
  2. Get creative – Make them into something else that would be useful. Look through our reuse directory for lots of ideas.
  3. Ditch disposables – Consider buying long lasting products rather than disposables e.g. washable nappies or rechargeable batteries.

If you have a great reuse tip – don’t keep it to yourself, share it with us and the rest of Dorset!

Unfortunately, we had to postpone our choose to reuse roadshows last week but the good news is these have now be rescheduled – find out when here.


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