Decision on South Street HRC


Disposing of garden waste (large version)Weekend opening times and operations at Bridport’s household recycling centre (HRC) in South Street will change this spring.

Dorset County Council’s planning committee has granted temporary planning consent on Bridport’s HRC for a further two years.

The will centre open Mondays to Fridays as normal, from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays (but to accept only garden waste) and close all day Sundays.

Accepting only garden waste on Saturdays is being introduced to help address noise disturbance concerns of nearby residents.

The site will continue to open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm November to March and from 9am to 6pm April to October. All the usual range of recycling and waste disposal facilities will remain at the site and all waste materials will be accepted on weekdays.

Waste management staff are currently working with planning officers on a timeframe for introducing the new weekend opening hours and green waste policy on Saturdays. We’ll let local residents know when an implementation date has been agreed.

See our FAQ’s for more information or read more here.



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