Celebrating the royal wedding? Don’t forget to recycle!


Street party celebrations (large version)Are you getting into the party mood and organising or attending a street party to celebrate the royal wedding?

As the big day draws closer for Prince William and Kate Middleton, we’re asking you to help prevent the extra waste created at street parties from ending up in landfill sites by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible.

So when the party is over don’t forget to have a ‘royal’ recycle:

  • Recycle any decorations that are made of paper or card or save the decorations for another occasion.
  • Freeze any leftover party foods such as quiches and sausage rolls for use in packed lunches.
  • Compost your uncooked kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings.
  • If there is lots of food leftover send family, friends and neighbours home with some leftovers rather than let it go to waste.
  • Check what materials are collected in your kerbside recycling service.
  • Take any materials that can’t go in your recycling box to local mini recycling centres or your nearest household recycling centre.

Refuse collections are taking place as usual in some parts of the county this Friday (29 April), so click here to find out if collections are going ahead in your area.


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