Finish your food. Don’t be a silly sausage!


Willow and Erin weighing Winterbourne Valley First School's food waste (large version)We’ve been trialing an exciting new campaign aimed at encouraging primary school pupils and their families to reduce their food waste. This summer term, six Dorset schools have been taking part in our ‘Finish Your Food. Don’t be a Silly Sausage!’ trial assembly.

Our waste education officer visited participating schools and weighed the amount of food wasted after pupils had finished lunch. They then engaged children in the ‘Finish Your Food. Don’t be a Silly Sausage!’ assembly, talking to them about how much food – 8.3 million tonnes a year – is thrown away.

Children were given a pledge leaflet calling for them to try to finish all the food on their plates for seven days.

We’re now returning to each of the schools and weighing the food again to see how much they’ve decreased their food waste by. The winning school receives the Mr Silly Sausage trophy!

This initiative has been used across other parts of the county and on average it reduces the primary school’s food waste by an impressive 30 per cent!

Dorset Schools interested in participating in the autumn term can contact Kirsten Juniper on 01305 22866.



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