Finish Your Food champions


St Mary's CE VC Primary School 'Finish Your Food' champions (large version)Pupils at St Mary’s CE VC Primary School have been crowned ‘Finish Your Food’ champions after being awarded the Mr. Silly Sausage trophy for reducing the amount of food they throw away by a massive 95 per cent!

The school was one of six Dorset schools which took part in a new ‘Finish Your Food. Don’t be a Silly Sausage’ trial campaign designed to encourage primary school pupils and their families to cut food waste.

Our waste education officer, Kirsten Juniper, visited each school during the summer and weighed the amount of food wasted after pupils had finished lunch and then engaged with children in an assembly about how much food gets thrown away. Kirsten then returned to each of the schools two weeks later to see how much they’d managed to reduce their food waste by.

Tanya Robinson, Head teacher of St Mary’s CE VC Primary School, said: “The Finish Your Food campaign has really brought attention to our pupils how much waste piles up from the scrapings of plates at lunchtime each day, it was quite a shock for the children to weigh the total! Kirsten clearly outlined the reasons why we should strive to eat up every mouthful and our pupils took this on board and have since made a real effort to polish off their food. They were delighted at winning the silly sausage trophy and felt it was well deserved!”

Dorset Schools interested in participating in the autumn term can contact Kirsten Juniper on 01305 22866. Also see our schools recycling education web page for information on other activities we provide.


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