Can it


Guess how many cans are in a bale competition (large version)We challenged visitors to our recycling stand at the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show, Melplash Show and The County Show to take part in our ‘Guess how many cans are in a bale’ competition. This was part of our campaign to highlight that aerosols – like empty deodorant, hair spray, air freshener, and furniture polish cans – can be recycled via your kerbside recycling service. They can also be recycled at can banks in supermarket car parks and other locations, and taken to our household recycling centres.

More than 700 people entered our competition, with 230 guessing correctly. There were actually 636 crushed cans in this bale.

After you recycle your cans, they are taken to a materials recycling facility in either Hurn, near Christchurch or the Hybris Business Park in Crossways, where they are separated into aluminium and steel.

They are then crushed and baled up ready to be sent to factories and made into new products – aluminium cans are usually reprocessed into more cans. The great thing about aluminium and steel cans is that they can be recycled time and again without loss of quality, which is great for our environment.



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