We are what we waste


According to new research carried out by Sainsbury’s, Brits think they bin almost 10% of their weekly shop whereas actually it’s more than double that. The research has identified six types of people, each of whom wastes food in a different way:

  • Hungry Hoarders (11% of theUK adult population) shop while hungry, resulting in impulse purchases. They often fail to plan ahead meaning their shop might not create complete meals.
  • Ditsy Diarist (9% of the population) do not consult their little black books before their trip to the supermarket and as they eat out a lot or work late, much of what they buy sits unused in the fridge and is eventually thrown away.
  • Food Phobics (25%) are ultra-conscious and throw away food on or before the best before date without first checking its condition.
  • The Separate Shoppers are a generation of independent individuals who buy their own food without checking what their partner or housemate has already bought, often resulting in duplication.

However all is not lost, some people are a far more careful about food waste:

  • Freezer Geezers – those who simply love their leftovers and use their freezers effectively to minimise food waste.
  • Conscientious Consumers are a group who love to make meals out of leftovers. Freezer Geezers and Conscientious Consumers combined make up 44% of the population.

Here in the South West 65% of us are Freezer Geezers!

Despite tough economic times, WRAP research reveals that British shoppers are unnecessarily throwing away an incredible £12 billion worth of food a year. Read more here.



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