Christmas Recycling


Christmas picture (large version)    

Over the 12 days of Christmas, you can limit the impact on your waste by following the Dorset Waste Partnership’s top tips:

  • Avoid goods with unnecessary packaging.
  • Buy food and drink packaged in recyclable materials.
  •  Compost vegetable peelings and raw kitchen waste.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries for electrical goods and toys.
  • Remember to always shop with reusable shopping bags.
  • Buy Christmas wrapping paper and cards made from recycled paper or try to buy gift paper that can be recycled – this should be plain with no glitter, holograms or foil.
  • Buy gifts that are made from recycled materials – log onto or for some gift ideas. Or alternatively buy an “experience” as a gift.
  • Keep your recycling bin next to the rubbish bin and remember to tell your Christmas guests where it is and what can be recycled.
  • Don’t forget you can freeze all sorts of food including bread, meat, ready meals and homemade leftovers and keep for later. For more helpful tips go
  • Recycle your Christmas cards via your kerbside recycling service or support The Woodland Trust Christmas Card Recycling Scheme by taking them to your nearest Marks and Spencer store during January 2012. Nearly 10 million cards were collected last year, which equates to 200 tonnes.

For more information about kerbside collections over the festive period and household recycling centre locations and opening times visit


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