Savvy storage. Love your fridge!


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Use a fridge thermometer to make sure your fridge is at the right temperature

Storing food in the right way helps keep it fresh and tasty for longer. Here are some tips to help you keep food fresher in the fridge: 

  • Remember to keep your fridge temperature below 5oC. 
  •  It’s best not to put bread in the fridge as it goes stale much quicker here.
  • The fridge is the ideal place to store most of your fruit and veg. Exceptions are bananas, pineapples, potatoes and onions. 
  • Fresh fruit and veg need to breathe in the fridge so don’t store them in completely sealed containers. Fruit and veg packaging has been designed to help it stay fresh for longer, so don’t take the packaging off until you’re ready to eat the food.
  •  Once opened, food like cheese and ham keep better if they’re well wrapped by re-closing the pack, wrapping in cling film or foil, or putting it in an air tight container.
  •   If you aren’t going to eat it, remember you can freeze food before the ‘use by’ date. Defrost when you need it and use within 24 hours.
  • Wrap lettuce, carrots, courgettes etc. in kitchen paper then put them in plastic bags in the salad compartment of the fridge. They keep fresh for ages. The paper stops the condensation from softening the veg and stops mould.

 There are lots more fridge storage tips at:






One Response to “Savvy storage. Love your fridge!”

  1. John Smith Says:

    Thanks for given such a important tips.These tips helps me a lot to keep storing foods fresh for a longer time in a fridge.

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