It’s all for one and one for all


Mother and daughter recycling bottles

All the councils who make up the Dorset Waste Partnership have now said ‘yes’ to a new kerbside waste collection service for Dorset.

Weymouth and Portland was the seventh partner to sign up to the service, completing a full house of DWP members who’ve backed the move aimed at boosting recycling to 60 per cent and saving £2m. 

People in Christchurch and parts of East Dorset will be first to get the new service this autumn.  It will be introduced across Dorset (not including Bournemouth and Poole) by 2014/15.

The new service will consist of:

  • A weekly food waste collection (using a kitchen caddy and larger, lockable container for outside)
  • A fortnightly recycling collection (using a 240-litre wheelie bin, a box for glass and a small bag for batteries)
  • A fortnightly rubbish collection (using a 140-litre wheelie bin)
  • An optional, fortnightly garden waste collection for an annual charge of £25 for a bag or £35 for a wheelie bin

Before that, the DWP will be sending information to every household in the first area to get the service, giving details of how to apply for a non-standard service if you don’t have outside storage space, have a big family or would need help moving bins.

There will also be a series of road shows where people can see the new bins, ask questions and discuss their needs.

The DWP has prepared a list of frequently asked questions giving answers about the service and what it will mean for people in Dorset.

You can read the full press release here.



2 Responses to “It’s all for one and one for all”

  1. susan wright Says:

    On going to Christchurch tip today I was told that I had taken too much rubble (only allowed 6 bags in one month)
    Having endured a fire in the property in Christchurch,we had to dig out the footings of the old part and had several bags to dispose of.
    There are no notices up at the recycling centre and the attitude of the person who spoke to me left a lot to be desired.
    I pay rates for this property and expect to be able to use the local facility without the extra hassle of ‘bye laws’ ( or something)
    Susan Wright

    • dorsetrecycling Says:

      Hi Susan

      Sorry for the delay in replying. First of all, we’d like to apologise if you were unhappy with the way you were spoken to. We take customer care seriously and will be following this up our contractor’s management team.

      The rubble restrictions are displayed on the site entrance board and there is a limit of six bags per month. These restrictions ensure our recycling centres remain compliant with their Environmental Permits – regulated by the Environment Agency. Our sites are only permitted to take household waste and large amounts of rubble may cause the sites to operate outside of their permitted conditions.

      A good rule of thumb to determine what is and what isn’t ‘household waste’ is as follows: Think about what you would take with you when you move home and when this becomes waste, it is household waste. Anything you would leave behind is unlikely to be household waste.

      We hope this is helpful. There is more information at


      The Dorset Waste Partnership team

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