Eco Easter


jamieanne  flickr The average Brit eats 17.49lbs of chocolate each year.  And as a nation we spend a whopping £229million on Easter eggs.

All this chocolate leads to roughly 3,000 tonnes of extra waste every Easter.

Try our top tips for how to have your egg and eat it too:

 Try some DiY

Making your own Easter eggs is an excellent way to keep your waste down and still give friends and family a yummy treat. You can even reuse the plastic from past eggs as a mould.

Avoid egg-cessive packaging

Look for eggs where there is little to no plastic, and the packaging fits snugly around the egg. This way you can limit how much you have to throw away this Easter.

 Know what you can recycle

  • Card can be recycled throughout Dorset, simply flatten it and place in your recycling bin or box
  • Foil and plastic can be taken to local mini recycling centres across Dorset
  • Rigid plastic can be recycled at many mini recycling centres and can also be put in your recycling bin if you live in Christchurch or parts of East Dorset and use the new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service

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