Disposable V Real nappies


Real nappy washing line (large version)Real

  • Real nappies are 40% better for the environment than their disposable alternatives
  • You can choose to limit your impact on the environment  further by using ecological wash settings to clean real nappies
  • Because reusable nappies are made out of natural fabrics they are far better for your babies bum


  • The average cost for disposable nappies for one child is a huge £1200
  • 50% of rubbish from the average one-baby family is made up of disposable nappies
  • In Dorset alone 7 million disposable nappies enter the household waste stream each year which costs £500,000 to process
  • Disposable nappies take up to 500 years to fully decompose and release harmful methane gas in the process

 Dorset Waste Partnership is offering a voucher incentive scheme  saving you up to £30 on the cost of purchasing real nappies.  A list of stockists is available through the Dorset Waste Partnership.

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