Love your garden


Planting flowers in compost (large version)

We’ve teamed up with for another year so you can make the most of your uncooked kitchen and garden waste.

By simply placing your scraps in the bin to make some nutrient-rich compost, which will keep your plants blooming year after year.

The bins are available in two sizes, 220 and 330 litres, with prices starting at just £16.98, and a buy one get one half price if you order two of the same size. Delivery costs £5.49.

So what can you compost?

  • Uncooked vegetable peelings and fruit
  • Rabbit and guinea pig bedding
  • Torn, shredded or scrunched up paper and cardboard
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Egg shells

What can’t go in the compost bin?

  • Cooked food
  • Fish, meat scraps or bones
  • Magazines
  • Cat or dog litter

There are also special offers on water butts and composting accessories available at

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