Real Nappy Week: Myth busting


Baby loading real nappies int toy washing machine (large version)There is a lot of rumors about reusable nappies but we are here to set you straight and let you know the truth about real nappies.

Myth – Reusable nappies leak. The truth is reusable nappies are no more likely to leak than their disposable counter parts

Fact – Reusable nappies can help your child potty train earlier

Myth – Reusable nappies cause nappy rash. Reusable nappies are actually better for your baby’s skin because they are made out of natural fabrics.

Fact – Reusable nappies can save you up to £800 a child. If you are planning on having another child you can also save your nappies to use with them, increasing your savings even further.

Myth – Reusable nappies are no better for the environment. Actually reusable nappies are 40% better for the environment; this is calculated by taking into account all aspects of production, transport, washing (reusable only) and disposal.


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