Compost Awareness Week: Top tips


Home composting

  • Aim for a 50/50 balance of ‘browns’ and ‘greens’
  • Browns include cardboard, egg boxes, scrunched up paper, fallen leaves, sawdust, twigs, branches and bark
  • Greens include: tea bags, grass cutting, fruit and veg scraps, old flowers, coffee grounds, filter paper, rhubarb leaves and young annual weeds
  • Nettles soaked in cold water make a great activator for your compost
  • It is best to place your bin on soil or on a wire mesh above a one inch hole
  • Don’t let your compost dry out or get too wet
  • Occasionally small animals can become a pest, if this is a case place large stones around the base of your bin to discourage them from trying to burrow underneath
  • Turning the matter inside your bin from time to time will help to speed up the process
  • Chop or shred hedge clipping into smaller pieces so they break down at the same rate as everything else
  • Keep the diet balanced; too much of any one material will slow the process down
  • A little sun every day will help speed the process up

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