Think.Eat.Save for World Environment Day



Food waste is a huge environmental and economical problem, and this year World Environment Day is about how we can all make a change to reduce it.

Here are some easy ways you can reduce your food waste:

Shop smart – Plan your meals, write a list and only buy what you need, you’ll save food and money

Get freezer friendly – If you have leftovers from your dinner pop them in your freezer for a tasty homemade ready-meal another day

Compost it – Composting is a great way to reduce the impact of your unavoidable food waste, such as veggie peelings and fruit skins. If you haven’t already got a compost bin the Dorset Waste Partnership has some great offers to get you started

Store it right – Store your food just right to keep it fresher for longer, there is some great advice available from Love Food Hate Waste

Think global – Food waste is an issue hitting more than just your pocket, it contributes to global warming and drains natural resources, find out about the environmental cost of your food habits using the WWF virtual shopping cart


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