Fresher for longer


 000644-000109Keeping your food fresh for as long as possible can really help you to cut back on waste and save money. So how is best to do it? Firstly use the packaging it comes in, this is designed to prolong your foods shelf life.

Here are few more helpful food storage tricks:

  • Don’t store your bananas in the fridge, it makes them brown faster, like pineapples, they are best stored somewhere cool and dry
  • Let your food chill out and keep your fridge below 5˚c
  • Always reseal, storing food in air tight containers, or using a food clip can help keep your food fresh once you open it
  • Bread goes stale more quickly in the fridge. Use a food clip to seal the packet and keep it in a bread bin or cupboard
  • Read the packet – Most foods have storage instructions on the packaging, follow these simple guidelines and you’ll maximise your foods life

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