Top ways to reuse more


Furniture reuseBelieve it or not, your waste really could be another mans treasure. From that old sofa to the exercise bike sat lonely in the garage, there’s plenty of ways to reuse things all over Dorset.

Getting rid of your old furniture?

Furniture reuse organisations collect unwanted furniture and other household items from your home, and then sell them at very reasonable prices, mainly to people on lower incomes. See the Dorset Waste Partnership list of reuse organisations in Dorset.

What about all those old bits and bobs you just don’t use anymore?

Its not just clothes and knick-knacks you can donate to charity, there are organisations that specialise in a wide range of different household items ranging from mobile phones to printer cartridges. 

Got something a little more out of the ordinary?

Try the Dorset Waste Partnership reuse directory, for an A-Z of how to reuse different items all over Dorset.

For more advice on managing and reducing your waste check out the Dorset Waste Partnership waste reduction booklet.


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