Summer waste advice



Mollie  caddy (2)Advice to help you avoid problems with flies and odours in your bins this summer:

  • Firstly, stop flies from getting to your waste by keeping the lids of both your kitchen caddy and your food waste bin closed and locked
  • You can use compostable caddy liners to create a further barrier between flies and food waste
  • Whenever possible store your bins out of direct sunlight
  • You should aim to put your food waste bin out for collection every week, even if it isn’t full; this will help keep unwanted odours to a minimum
  • Try to keep your bins as clean as possible in hot weather; simply swilling it with washing up liquid or bicarbonate soda after a collection is a quick and easy way to do it
  • Finally, make an extra effort to reduce your food waste by only buying what you need and using up your leftovers

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One Response to “Summer waste advice”

  1. William Parkes Says:

    Reopen Dorchester indoor market 6days a week then we could buy fresh every day by buying what we want and not what the supermarkets offer.

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