8 different things to do with your old clothes


 000644-000073Whether its too big, too small or you just don’t like it anymore there is only one thing you shouldn’t do with your old clothes, and thats bin them! Why not try one of our favourite ways to make something more out of the clothes you no longer want:

  1. Recycle it – There are loads of recycling banks all around Dorset, and the clothes placed in these are either reused or recycling. You can find out where your nearest clothing recycling bank is at Dorset for you
  2. Fix it – A lot of the time clothes we thought were ruined could be fixed with a few stitches or a cleverly placed patch. If you aren’t a dab hand at sewing why not try a seamstress?
  3. Upcycle – If you love the fabric, or simply don’t want to let go of it why not try turning it into something new? make-do-and-mend have lots of great ideas for turning your old clothes into something new
  4. Donate – Donating your clothes to charity is a really great way to make room in your wardrobe whilst doing something good, you might be suprised at how rewarding a feeling it can be.
  5. Swish it – The latest fashion craze to sweep the nation. Swishing is all about swapping your clothes, its a great excuse for a party, visit swishingparties.com to find out more or do it online at swishing.co.uk
  6. Exchange it – Some clothing stores are now starting to offer money off vouchers in exchange for you recycling your old clothes with them. Marks and Spencer and H&M are both have great schemes running at the moment.
  7. Resell – From e-Bay to carboot sales selling your old clothes can be easy, rewarding and profitable.
  8. Refresh – Just like your walls need a new lick of paint every now and again, using some fabric dye can make your clothes look new again.

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