Know your date labels


000644-001378There are four main types of date that are used on food packaging in the UK, here’s what you need to know:

‘Use by’ – This is used on food that does not last very long, this date is really important as it refers to food safety. Never eat food after this date even if it looks and smells fine.

‘Best before’ – This is used on longer life items, such as frozen, canned and dried foods, this is about when it is best to enjoy your food, most items can still be eaten after this date, apart from eggs which should be consumed before.

‘Sell by’ – This date is for use in store only, you can consume products after this date, providing they are still within their ‘use by’ date

‘Use within’ – This is about how quickly you should use something after it has been opened, although it is important to remember that food should always be eaten by the ‘use by’ date

Top tip: Shop smart and always check date labels while you are in the supermarket, that way you can plan all your meals to avoid food waste.


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  1. rachel fugill Says:

    please can you assist i would like to be more involved with giving food can you tell me who in poole dorset will accept fresh unspoilt veg

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