After the storms


The recent storms have left a trail of destruction for many households.  Here are some tips to help you with the clear-up:

Storm damage

Fallen tree

Picture courtesy of Newbiggin Hall Scouts (Wikimedia Commons)

If you have a garden waste collection, you can use it for leaves, twigs and branches less than 15cm diameter and short enough to fit in your bin. You can take bigger items, such as logs, to your local household recycling centre (HRC). Please note restrictions on vans may apply but small trailers are allowed.

Beware rogue traders. Make sure any tree surgeons who come calling have the proper qualifications and are licensed to carry and dispose of any waste. Unscrupulous traders made also be fly-tippers.  Check trading standards’ Buy With Confidence list of approved traders.

Clearing up after flooding

floods musicians 1

Picture courtesy of Peter Cooper (Wikimedia Commons)

If you are unfortunate enough to have been flooded, read Dorset councils’ flooding information and advice, including Public Health England’s advice on clearing up after floods.

Please take extra care and wear gloves when handling any goods that has been contaminated by flood water.

Home contents insurance, if you have it, should cover the costs of disposing of and replacing household items.  Waste disposal should be carried our by a licensed waste carrier.

You can also request a bulky household waste collection or use your local household recycling centre.  House clearances should be done by a specialist contractor.

Disposing of sandbags

Read the Environment Agency’s advice about what to do with sandbags after flooding.

Our general advice is as follows:

Unused sandbags (not contaminated by floodwater)

If you have space, store them in case you need them again. Alternatively, empty the sand (dig it into the garden, if you have one) and put the empty sack in the household rubbish bin, or take it to a household recycling centre.

Used sandbags (contaminated by floodwater)

Handle the bags with care using gloves and take them to a household recycling centre.  Bags filled with sand can be placed in the rubble skip. Gel bags should be put in the landfill skip.

Do not put contaminated sand or bags in your household waste collection.


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