Green eggs and slam (… it in the recycling)

Image: via Wikimedia Commons

Image: via Wikimedia Commons

Can you recycle eggstra this Easter?

Our chocolate eggs at this time of year create an estimated 3,000 tonnes of rubbish to deal with.

While manufacturers say they are doing lots to reduce packaging around those brightly coloured chocolate eggs, you’re still likely to be left with a small mountain of cardboard, plastic and foil once the choc has been chomped.

Be a good egg – recycle it

Thankfully, the Recycle for Dorset service now lets residents in Christchurch, East Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck and part of West Dorset recycle card and rigid plastic packaging (if it’s like a plastic tub or tray, you can recycle it).

Aluminium foil can be taken to some mini recycling centres, where it is collected by charities.

And supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has announced that 50 of its stores will have Easter egg recycling points.

Make your own ‘green eggs’

Making your own Easter eggs is green, tasty, and easy than you think. You can even reuse the plastic from past eggs as a mould.

Avoid egg-cessive packaging

Look for eco-friendly Easter eggs where there is little to no plastic, and the packaging fits snugly around the egg.




One Response to “Green eggs and slam (… it in the recycling)”

  1. Kay Dunford Says:

    I try to buy things only wrapped in foil ie. no box. My favourites are choc bunnies they wear bells that in our family are ‘recycled, at Christmas and packed away with the decs after.

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