Create a spooky party this Halloween



Stuck for Halloween idea? Here’s some tips and ideas to create a spooky party without breaking the bank.


  • Every day we throw away 4 million whole apples in the UK. A fun way to use up apples in danger of not being eaten is to make toffee apples – the kids will love them. Dip into two melted tablespoons of sugar – hey presto.


  • If you’re holding a party for the kids at Halloween, be creative and make some freaky party food – make scary spiders from cookies by adding eyes and liquorice legs, swirl the icing on the top of fairy cakes to create a web effect or add a single black olive to little dough balls to make eyeballs.


  • Spooks Punch – it’s basically a blood red punch (mainly cranberry juice) with ice hands floating in it. Freeze water or lemonade in surgical gloves tied at the end. They look really effective.


  • Make monster hands by stuffing clear plastic disposable gloves with popcorn that’s been shaken in green food colouring.


  • Buy a plastic brain from a toy/joke shop then put it in a clear plastic tub and fill it up with green jelly. It will look like one of those medical specimens. If you can’t find toy brain you could always use a cauliflower.


  • Make a ghost and bat mobile. You need two long strips of strong card, coloured black. Arrange them in a cross with glue or sellotape. Make two ghosts and two bats to hang on the mobile. The ghosts are the very cheapest white cups that you get in office water coolers. Turn upside down. Drape a man-size tissue over the cup, thread some ordinary black sewing thread through the bottom of the cup to tie onto the cardboard cross and use black felt pen to draw on a scary ghost face. The bats are simply a bat shape cut out of black paper.


  • Make floating ghosts: balloons draped in crepe paper, suspended from the ceiling on invisible thread.


  • When the time comes to carve your pumpkin, draw the pattern on the pumpkin first, then stab along the lines – in a dot-to-dot fashion – with something pointy.

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