Happy waste free Easter


easter pix

Once upon a time Easter Eggs were notorious for wasteful packaging. Foil wrapped eggs would come in plastic moulding and bundled into large cardboard boxes. By the time the Easter Bunny had hopped away for another year, you were left with a groaning tummy and piles of landfill waste to dispose of.


Thankfully things have changed. Although Easter eggs still generate an estimated 3,000 tonnes of UK waste each year, it’s getting better.

According to WRAP Easter egg packaging was cut by 25% and, in some cases, by as much as 50% in 2009 by leading confectionery brands, manufacturers and retailers.

Some manufacturer’s use 100% recycled cardboard and others give clear recycling instructions on the packaging.  Remember, all cardboard packaging can be put in your recycling bin. Plus the tin foil wrappers can be taken to some local mini recycling centres.


Here’s some alternate ideas to be an eggs-cellent recycler this Easter



Instead of sending people shop-bought cards you could make one yourself, or even send an amusing e-card.

How to make traditional hand-painted Easter eggs:

1. Make a hole at the top and bottom of a large, free range egg
2. Carefully blow out the contents.
3. Allow the eggshell to dry
4. Gently decorate it with brightly coloured paints or felt-tips
5. Add some glitter or recycled ribbons – whatever you can ‘lay’ your hands on.
Happy Easter!


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