Be freezer friendly: advice and facts to help save money



WRAP’s latest figures suggest that upwards of 850,000 tonnes of food that could have been frozen is thrown away in the UK every year. That’s throwing away enough food to fill Wembley stadium, with the food itself worth up to £3bn – not factoring the cost of food waste disposal. Twenty per cent of households still throw away food because they have too much, or because it has been left to go bad.

WRAP are working with Iglo (parent group of Birdseye) for their latest campaign ifreeze to highlight the important role freezing can play in reducing food waste.

Freezers are a great way to make the most of your food. Here are the four golden rules to follow:

  1. You can freeze pretty much everything! The only exception is soft cheese as the texture goes very strange!
  1. The freezer acts like a pause button on food and so you can freeze it right up to the use-by date. It also stores safely for years – it’s just that the quality will start to deteriorate after three months. Ideally use within six months but don’t panic if it’s been there longer. It will just need longer, slower cooking and a bit more added flavour likes herbs and spices.
  1. Always wrap the food well in the freezer and don’t forget to label everything with the date and what it is.
  1. When you want to make use of it defrost overnight in the fridge, use within 24 hours and cook till piping hot. If you need it quickly food can be defrosted safely in the microwave.

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