Recycle Week 2015


recycle week

Recycle Week this year is taking place from 22 – 28 June 2015. The theme is going to be ‘recycling around the home’.


The idea is to get us all thinking about all the items we can recycle from around the home that we might not previously have thought about recycling, room by room.


Your recycling efforts are really making a difference to the Recycle for Dorset service. We want to help people to recycle everything they possibly can either in their recycling collection at home or at local recycling banks and Household Recycling Centres (the tip!)


Every day this week we will take a room for the home, starting off with the kitchen.


  • Along with usual drinks bottles in the kitchen, you can also recycle plastic liquid bottles and pots, tubs and trays.
  • Remember to look in cupboards under the sink for plastic bleach and surface cleaner bottles. (Its good to know that plastic drinks bottles can be turned into footy shirts, fleeces and even more plastic bottles.
  • Cans and tins can come back as car parts or aeroplane wings – in fact, drinks cans from around the home are recycled into new cans which can be back on the selves in just 8 weeks.
  • Breakfast cereal, dishwasher tablets and kitchen wrap boxes often get left behind, so remember to pop these into recycling too.


Don’t forget – for cheap and fun way to entertain the children, why not use all the plastic bottles, trays, tubs, jars etc to make super arts and craft activities. For more ideas on these visit the Recycle for Dorset Blog


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