Recycle Week tips: in the bedroom


friday recycle week

This week is Recycle week and the theme is recycling around the home. Every day this week on the Recycle for Dorset blog we are looking at different rooms and looking at what can be recycled.

Today it’s the Bedrooms

In the bedroom,

  • empty tissue boxes
  • old magazines
  • empty deodorant aerosols can be recycled.

If everyone in the UK recycled one aluminum deodorant aerosol, enough energy would be saved to run a TV in over 151,000 homes for a year. Also, did you know that it takes seven days for a recycled newspaper to come back as newspaper again? You could be reading your favourite newspaper on recycled paper in no time at all!


For more ideas on recycling and hints and tips to save money and help the environment visit the Recycle for Dorset Blog

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