Keeping your food waste bin clean this summer


Mollie  caddy (2)

During the summer months food waste bins are an excellent breeding ground for flies and maggots.  In order to prevent these, here are some steps to make sure your bin does not attract them-


Flies are attracted by Smells:

  • Double bag or wrap in newspaper, food waste such as meat and bones and pet

waste, this will help to reduce the smell and stop the flies laying eggs on the food

  • Rinse polystyrene food trays, yoghurt pots and other food packaging that cannot be

recycled to reduce the smell of your refuse.

  • Sprinkle vinegar in your bin to neutralise odours.
  • Rinse your bin out regularly if possible and keep it clean by bagging everything

before putting it in the bin.

  • If possible store the bin away from direct sunlight to reduce smells.
  • Keep the bin lid shut, if it’s broken or does not shut contact Recycle for Dorset.
  • Hang an insecticidal strip inside your bin.
  • Home compost your kitchen vegetable waste in a home compost bin.
  • If nappies are included in your waste double bag these also, or consider using real

reusable nappies – take advantage of Recycle for Dorset Real Nappy incentive scheme.



In the Kitchen:

  • The easiest way to sort your refuse from your recycling is to separate as you go.

You may find it more convenient to have two small kitchen bins, one for recycling

and one for your refuse.

  • Keep all food covered up and bag and bin waste straight away
  • Try not to prepare too much food, so reducing the amount of food you throw away

and saves money.

  • Try using the fragranced bin liners that can purchased from some stores


And finally if you do get Maggots.


Maggots are the larva stage of the common housefly. Flies are attracted to food and

other rubbish. Maggots only exist if flies have been allowed to have access to your

rubbish. So if flies settle on your rubbish they may lay eggs, which turn into maggots.

Use insecticidal spray that kills crawling insects, purchased from supermarkets or DIY stores, to kill the maggots and then rinse your bin with disinfectant if possible.


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