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Can you help give Dorset’s beautiful beaches a spring clean?

4 April 2012

The 2012 Great Dorset Beach Clean takes place on Sunday 15 April.

Dorset Countryside Rangers, who organise the annual event, are calling on volunteers to help make sure our beaches are beautiful for the London 2012 sailing events and the thousands of visitors who will flock to our shores this summer.

The beach clean is a chance to enjoy the fantastic Dorset coastline while helping the survival of both onshore wildlife and marine creatures that are affected by our rubbish floating out to sea.

If you care about Dorset and you care about reducing waste, then keep an eye on the event web page for details of the 26 glorious beaches between Christchurch and Lyme Regis where you can take part.

Waste watch

18 November 2010

Stop junk mail (large version)The second ever European Week for Waste Reduction is taking place between 20 – 28 November.

It’s also the perfect time of year to start watching your waste, so we’re encouraging you do whatever you can to reduce and recycle your rubbish this week and leading into the festive season.

Below are some simple tips that could save you money. They also help protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, saving energy and reducing CO2.

  • Reuse your own shopping bags
  • Buy products made from recycled materials
  • Shop locally so that you can walk or cycle – saving you money and petrol
  • Buy refills of cleaning products and toiletries
  • Return junk mail and remove your name from junk mail lists – mpsonline (opens in a new window), the preference service (opens in a new window)
  • Donate furniture, computers and white goods and clothes to reuse projects
  • Compost your kitchen and garden waste
  • Avoid single-use disposable products e.g. nappies, tissues, facewipes, razors, plastic cups, kitchen towels and cameras
  • Choose goods with less packaging
  • Buy locally produced goods whenever possible
  • Instead of throwing your clothes away, organise a swap shop party with your friends, take them to a textiles recycling bank or give them to a charity shop
  • Drink tap water instead of buying bottled water

If you have a great tip, share it with us and the rest of Dorset to help increase the county’s already impressive recycling performance!

Celebrate it’s Dorset Food Week!

26 October 2010

Love Food Hate Waste roadshow at Wimborne Food Festival (large version)It’s Dorset Food Week (23 – 31 October 2010), so there has never been a better time to start cutting down on the amount of food we throw away.

Kicking off the week, our recycling officers spent the weekend at the Wimborne Food Festival, speaking to more than 1,350 people about saving money by getting smart with food and using their freezers more.

So, if you haven’t made friends with your freezer yet this autumn, why not start preventing food waste today with these three tips:

  • If you cook too much for a meal such as fish pie or chilli, put it in a container and store your homemade ‘ready meal’ in the freezer, ready to enjoy on a cold winters evening
  • Make sandwiches filled with unexpected combinations of tasty leftovers, such as chicken, bacon and mayonnaise, lamb and mint sauce or cheese and coleslaw
  • Keep an eye on the food in your fridge and freeze anything that you’re not going to eat in time. You can freeze foods right up to the “use-by” date.

And, it’s not just food that can be frozen. Rather than letting wine go to waste, freeze it, then you can use it in stews or casseroles!

If you want to find out more and pick up one of our delicious freezer recipes our Love Food Hate Waste freezer roadshow will be at South Street, Dorchester on 27 and the Tourist Information Office, Sherborne on 28 October, so come along and chat to us.

Have a ghoulish and green Halloween

25 October 2010

Halloween recycling (large version)

Joining in with the spirit of Halloween, our recycling officers will be attending the Bedlam & Broomsticks event at Nothe Fort, Weymouth tomorrow (Tuesday 26 October) from 10.30am.

A great day of spooky fun for all the family, we’ve organised plenty of themed reuse and recycling related activities for children, so stop by our stand and have a go. Activities include Halloween grass heads and badge making, plus lots more.

Our recycling officers will be available to chat to you about any recycling issues or waste reduction campaigns. The stand will also be packed with lots of useful information from stopping food waste to home composting, so we hope to see you there!

Don’t be frightened to recycle this Halloween. Here are three top ‘tricks’ to scare your family and friends but ‘treat’ the environment:

  • Going to a Halloween party? Why not get creative and make your own costume out of recycled materials or visit the local charity shop and see what they’ve got on offer that you can utilise
  • Making a lantern? Don’t for get pumpkin leftovers can be used to make shockingly good recipes such as roast pumpkin lasagne or pumpkin tart, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website (opens in a new window) for more
  • Save your fancy dress costume and reuse it next year or recycle as much of it and any Halloween decorations as possible. Remember pumpkin leftovers can be composted

Let us know if you have any scary tips to help recycle this Halloween!

Swap shop in Portland

29 September 2010

We’re holding a second Give or Take day in Portland this Saturday (2 October 2010). The popular recycling exchange event returns to the Community 2000 Centre, next to All Saints Church, 6 Straits, Easton from 9.30am to noon.

Similar to a jumble sale, the event is a great way to recycle your unwanted but reusable items by finding them a new home.

So if you have any unwanted books, DVDs, toys, clothes, small furniture or bric-a-brac taking up space in your home, why not bring them along and let others take them away with them.

And, even if you haven’t got any items to give away, you are welcome to come along and take something away free of charge.

Find out about more recycling events here.

Tap water and cheese

9 September 2010

Tap water (large version)Take the tap water challenge at the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival (opens in new window) this Saturday (11 September) and see if you can taste the difference between bottled and tap water. This is your last chance to have a go as our summer tap water campaign draws to a close.

We’ve been calling for people to give bottled water the boot and turn back to the tap by rediscovering the taste of fresh tap water.

Not only will this help to save money, waste and energy but will also encourage people to drink more water.

Water is vital to our health and most of us don’t drink enough. Read about the Stay Healthy – Just Add Water campaign to find out more.

New green solutions leaflet

23 August 2010

Pick up the new food and garden waste solutions leaflet today (large version)A new leaflet featuring all you need to know about food and garden waste solutions is now available. It focuses on how you can reduce food waste, help the environment and save money.

It’s packed with information about:

Wormeries – process of using worms to break down kitchen and garden waste, to create faster than normal composting.

Food digesters – These take all household food waste. No compost is produced, instead food waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of residue that needs to be removed from the basket every few years.

Compost bins – Come in all shapes and sizes. The key to good compost is getting the mix of “browns” (items such as egg/cereal boxes, straw and hay) and “greens” (tea bags, grass cuttings and fruit peelings) properly balanced.

Hot composters – Are different from normal compost bins because they can take all cooked and uncooked food waste. They also produces compost unlike food digesters.

The leaflet also has a useful flow chart to help you choose the best solution for you as well as information on typical costs and where to purchase them.

Check out the new leaflet today and try one of the many food and garden waste options available.

Come see us at the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show

16 August 2010

Stand show (large version)

This Wednesday, Dorset recycling officers will be at the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show promoting a range of waste reduction initiatives from general recycling and home composting to real nappies and push mowers.

So if you want to know more about any of these topics come along and speak to one of recycling champions and find out about how you can recycle more of your rubbish.

We’ve also got lots of fun green activities for children to take part in including badge making so there is something for all the family.

Find out where the team will be next here.

Weymouth taps into tap water

13 July 2010

Refill plastic bottles with tap water (large version)The first of our tap water challenge roadshows is kicking off in Bond Street in Weymouth on Wednesday 14 July at 10am to 2pm.

Out recycling officers will be challenging local people to give bottles the boot in favour of clean, fresh tap water to help save money and the environment.

Tap water is:

  • Safe, clean and fresh
  • Has a low carbon footprint
  • Generates no packaging waste
  • Is very cheap at less than 1p per litre

Tap water tastes just as good as bottled, so come along and take the tap water challenge tomorrow and see if you agree!

A summer menu for you, and for your garden

29 June 2010

Go compost crazy this summer (large version)Whether you’re having a barbecue, or summer Sunday lunch with the family, make sure you put all your compostable kitchen waste into your compost bin, along with your grass cuttings and prunings.

Here are a few tips:

Healthy spread: summer salads provide plenty of vegetable and fruit waste: excellent ingredients for composting

Shortcut to success: cutting waste into small pieces will help to speed up the compost process

Off the compost menu: Composting meat, bones or food scraps is not recommended

If you aren’t already composting at home, summer is the time to get off to a flying start! With warmer weather providing optimum composting conditions, this is the season to speed up your compost-making.

We’ve also secured new special offers on compost bins, so it is even easier to start. Now is the time to check these out.

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