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Choose to reuse

21 February 2011

Toys taken to a Give or Take day to find new homes (large version)Our next choose to reuse roadshow will be taking place this Thursday (24 February). Recycling officers will be at the Co-operative in Kings Road, Swanage from 10am to 2pm so come along and talk to us about reuse at home and in the local community.

By giving your unwanted items a second lease of life you will be helping the environment by stopping good condition items from being landfilled.

You can even start today with our three top reuse tips:

  1. Give unwanted items to friends, relatives, charity shops or furniture reuse centres. Or take them to a Give or Take day – see our events calendar. You could also join free reuse networks such as Freecycle, where you can advertise things you no longer want and people contact you if they want them.
  2. Get creative – Make them into something else that would be useful. Look through our reuse directory for lots of ideas.
  3. Ditch disposables – Consider buying long lasting products rather than disposables e.g. washable nappies or rechargeable batteries.

If you have a great reuse tip – don’t keep it to yourself, share it with us and the rest of Dorset!

Unfortunately, we had to postpone our choose to reuse roadshows last week but the good news is these have now be rescheduled – find out when here.


Donate it, don’t dump it!

7 February 2011

Choose to reuse (large version)

Do you have a little black dress which no longer fits or toys your children don’t play with?

A new campaign promoting the benefits of donating not dumping unwanted yet good quality items launches at Christchurch market today.

A series of ‘choose to reuse’ roadshows are touring the county encouraging you to give your unwanted cast-offs to friends, relatives, charity shops or local furniture reuse organisations instead of throwing them away.

Finding a new home or use for things requires minimal effort and makes a real difference to the environment by preventing good condition items from ending up in landfill sites.

By donating items to charities or furniture reuse organisations not only will you be supporting the local community, you’ll also be helping to raise money for great causes while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Find out where roadshows will be taking place here.

Bin less, help save money

14 January 2011

Landfill site (large version)Did you know…last year Dorset threw away a total of 200,000 tonnes of rubbish – the same weight as around 14,000 double deckers!

Around 97,000 tonnes of this household waste was sent to landfill, costing a massive £6.8m. Landfill tax is set to rocket by an extra £32 a tonne in the next four years, which will cost us about a further £3m per year.

We’re asking you to help us reduce this. If households cut the amount of rubbish thrown in their bins by a kilo a week – that’s the equivalent of one bag of sugar – the county council could save £800,000 this year, increasing to £1.1m in four years time.

So if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions – reducing, reusing, recycling and composting as much of your waste as possible is simple to do and really makes a difference!

See our low waste lifestyle tips and find out how minimising waste could also save you money too.

Recycling fun and games at Camp Bestival

29 July 2010

Children enjoying recycling activities at the County Show (large version)This weekend, our recycling team is heading to Camp Bestival (opens in new window), the family festival held at the majestic Lulworth Castle, to help promote the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling your waste.

To join in with the fun-filled family theme of the event, we’ve organised plenty of great reuse and recycling related activities for children to do, so stop by our stand and have a go. Activities include the wheelie bin game, making friendship bracelets from materials donated by the Dorset Scrap Store, Grass heads and the timeline game. This involves children guessing how long items take to rot down in landfill sites.

Our recycling officers will be available to chat to you about any recycling issues or waste reduction campaigns. The stand will also be packed with lots of useful information from home composting to stopping junk mail.

So come along and see us there!

A summer menu for you, and for your garden

29 June 2010

Go compost crazy this summer (large version)Whether you’re having a barbecue, or summer Sunday lunch with the family, make sure you put all your compostable kitchen waste into your compost bin, along with your grass cuttings and prunings.

Here are a few tips:

Healthy spread: summer salads provide plenty of vegetable and fruit waste: excellent ingredients for composting

Shortcut to success: cutting waste into small pieces will help to speed up the compost process

Off the compost menu: Composting meat, bones or food scraps is not recommended

If you aren’t already composting at home, summer is the time to get off to a flying start! With warmer weather providing optimum composting conditions, this is the season to speed up your compost-making.

We’ve also secured new special offers on compost bins, so it is even easier to start. Now is the time to check these out.

Recycling scores in Dorset

24 June 2010

kerbside recycling (large version)We’re pleased to announce that Dorset’s recycling performance increased by one per cent in 2009/10 despite the current economic climate. So a big thank you for all your enthusiastic recycling efforts over the past year.

Our provisional figures show that around 199,000 tonnes of household waste were collected from April 2009 to March 2010 with almost half recycled (49.65 per cent). This helps the environment by saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint. Our rise in performance is particularly good as nationally some councils are reporting a drop in recycling rates.

We also achieved a two per cent drop in the total amount of household waste produced in 2009/10 and an eight per cent decrease in the amount we sent to landfill – from 105,438 tonnes of waste to 100,216.

With a little extra effort, we can achieve a 50 per cent recycling rate or higher this year and so we’re encouraging you to make recycling your goal this summer.

St Johns First School go green

1 June 2010

Gemma Coles with pupils from St Johns First School (large version)As part of their environment week, pupils at St Johns First School were visited by East Dorset’s waste reduction manager, Gemma Coles, to learn about how to divert rubbish away from landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Year four pupils enjoyed a visit to the materials recovery facility at Hurn, near Bournemouth Airport, where recycling is taken and stored. Here they saw how cans and plastic bottles are separated, squashed and bailed up before being transported to different places to be made into new products. They also had a chance to learn all about composting at Eco Sustainable Solutions.

There was also an opportunity for the children to get creative by taking part in a reuse competition, which involved making something new from rubbish.

Linda Sharpe, teacher at St Johns said, ‘The whole week was a great success, the children loved all the fun activities and speakers we had in.’

A bit of give and take in Weymouth

19 May 2010

Reuse (large version)

Your junk could be another person’s treasure. You can de-clutter your home, swap unwanted items or pick up a great bargain at a Give or Take day (opens in a new window) being held at Southill Community Centre in Weymouth on Saturday 22 May.

These community waste exchange events are a chance to get rid of any reusable items like books, toys, clothes, bric-a-brac small furniture, jewellery and bikes you no longer want and pick up something you do. Even if you don’t have anything to give, you can come along and take something away free of charge.

These events provide an opportunity to reduce waste by reusing household items instead of throwing them away. This saves on landfill space, reduces fly tipping, and also contributes towards saving valuable resources.

The event runs from 9:30am to 12 noon and items can be dropped off from 9am to 11am. Electrical items cannot be accepted.

If you can’t make the Give or Take day this Saturday, check our recycling events page to see when the next one is taking place.

Join in – give composting a go!

7 May 2010

Sammie Strawberry gives composting a go (large version)It may be nearing the end of Compost Awareness Week (2 – 8 May 2010), but it’s never too late to start composting or trying new activities.

More than half of Dorset households with gardens are already home composting but there are lots more things we can all try like composting general household waste such as scrunched up paper or the contents from your vacuum cleaner.

Why not try composting your egg shells? We eat around 29 million eggs each day in the UK, which could go into the compost bin.

If you’re out and about in the Ferndown area today, why not pop along to Penny’s Walk between 10am – 2pm and find out more at our composting clinic. We’ll also be at Christchurch Market on 24 May between 8:30am and 2pm.

Happy babies

14 April 2010

Selection of real nappies (large version)Our real nappy incentive scheme, offering parents and parents-to-be £30 towards the cost of buying real nappies, has now been running for two years. We asked mums and dads that have used the scheme to let us know about their experience of using real nappies. Great news, the results revealed that a massive 98 per cent said they are continuing to use them!

Here are the questionnaire results:

  • 94 per cent said they would use real nappies on subsequent children
  • 94 per cent said they would recommend real nappies to other parents
  • 87 per cent haven’t needed any assistance using real nappies
  • 43 per cent reported that the main reason they use them is to prevent waste going to landfill
  • 28 per cent said their main reason for using them was to make financial savings

More than 250 parents completed our questionnaire.

Find out more about modern real nappies and our incentives scheme here.

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