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Thumbs-up for recycling at the show

22 August 2013

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The DWP education team had a great day at the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show yesterday, talking to local people about the  new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service.

Around 200 people dropped by our stall to pick up recycling tips, enjoy a spot of badge-making for kids and share their thoughts on the new scheme, which started in North Dorset in June.

Residents completed 47 feedback questionnaires on their new collections in return for some free compostable caddy liners or a ‘recycle for Dorset’ fridge magnet.

The vast majority said they were either ‘very satisfied’ (36) or ‘fairly satisfied’ (8) with their overall service.

43 out of 47 said that recycling was ‘very important’ to them.

And when asked the items that people would like to recycle that they currently can’t, one of the most popular answers was ‘husband’!

You can catch the team next at the Dorset County Show in Dorchester on 7 and 8 September when we will be debuting our all-new recycling-meets-fishing game. Watch this space!

Find out dates of all our upcoming roadshows and recycling events.

Summer waste advice

24 July 2013


Mollie  caddy (2)Advice to help you avoid problems with flies and odours in your bins this summer:

  • Firstly, stop flies from getting to your waste by keeping the lids of both your kitchen caddy and your food waste bin closed and locked
  • You can use compostable caddy liners to create a further barrier between flies and food waste
  • Whenever possible store your bins out of direct sunlight
  • You should aim to put your food waste bin out for collection every week, even if it isn’t full; this will help keep unwanted odours to a minimum
  • Try to keep your bins as clean as possible in hot weather; simply swilling it with washing up liquid or bicarbonate soda after a collection is a quick and easy way to do it
  • Finally, make an extra effort to reduce your food waste by only buying what you need and using up your leftovers

New garden waste service coming to Purbeck

22 May 2013

Garden waste & small branchesIf you live in Purbeck you have until 31 July to apply for an optional, chargeable garden waste service, beginning in November.

By having your garden waste collected from the kerbside, you could save time, fuel and money and help the environment by cutting down on trips to your local household recycling centres and the need for bonfires.

The service offers a fortnightly collection and a choice of bins:

  • 240-litre wheelie bin £35 per year
  • 120-litre reusable bag for £25 per year

You can apply and pay by using the quick and secure online form at or by calling 01305 221040.

The garden waste collected in Dorset is taken for natural composting, where it is turned into high-grade, soil-improving compost.

You don’t need to be in for your bins

15 April 2013

Sorting bins on streetIf you live in North or East Dorset you will shortly be receiving your bins for the new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Your new bins may arrive any time between Monday 15 April and Friday 24 May
  • You don’t need to be in for your bins
  • Your new service starts the week beginning 10 June 2013, please do not use your new bins before this
  • We can’t give you a specific delivery date or time, but an indicative delivery schedule and frequently asked questions are available at
  • Please take your bins onto your property as soon as you can
  • Your kitchen caddy will be delivered inside your larger food bin (unless you use the current North Dorset brown bin scheme and already have a caddy)
  • Take note of the dates marked on your new calendar and keep it somewhere to remind you – the fridge is a good place 
  • To report a problem or ask a question, call the DWP customer service team on 01305 221040.
  • More detailed information about the ‘recycle for Dorset’ service can be found in your user guide and at

To read more about the delivery of your new bins please visit the newsroom.

Disposable V Real nappies

2 April 2013

Real nappy washing line (large version)Real

  • Real nappies are 40% better for the environment than their disposable alternatives
  • You can choose to limit your impact on the environment  further by using ecological wash settings to clean real nappies
  • Because reusable nappies are made out of natural fabrics they are far better for your babies bum


  • The average cost for disposable nappies for one child is a huge £1200
  • 50% of rubbish from the average one-baby family is made up of disposable nappies
  • In Dorset alone 7 million disposable nappies enter the household waste stream each year which costs £500,000 to process
  • Disposable nappies take up to 500 years to fully decompose and release harmful methane gas in the process

 Dorset Waste Partnership is offering a voucher incentive scheme  saving you up to £30 on the cost of purchasing real nappies.  A list of stockists is available through the Dorset Waste Partnership.

Look out for your leaflet

10 May 2012

Leaflet for Christchurch and East Dorset residents about changes to recycling and rubbish collections this October

If you live Christchurch or parts of East Dorset, you should be receiving a letter and leaflet in the next few weeks about changes to your recycling and rubbish collections.

The changes come into place in October, when the new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service will replace existing services in these areas.

With the new service you will be able to recycle more at home, including cardboard and plastic packaging, will have food waste collected every week and have the option to subscribe to a fortnightly, paid-for garden waste collection.

Your leaflet explains what the new service will look like, including the new containers, and what will happen next. Most people will be able to use the ‘standard’ service, but if there’s a reason this won’t work for your property or needs, you can apply for a non-standard service.

The new service is being introduced in phases across Dorset (not including Bournemouth and Poole) between this October and 2015.  Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

Which part of East Dorset?

The part of East Dorset that will change to the new service in October includes Ameysford, Ashley Heath, Colehill, Ferndown, Longham, Parley, Stapehill, St Leonards and St Ives, Three Legged Cross, Verwood, West Moors and Wimborne.

Roadshow rained off

23 April 2012

Today’s ‘recycle for Dorset’ roadshow at Christchurch Market has been postponed due to inclement weather.

The Dorset Waste Partnership would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will return to Christchurch Market on Monday 21 May. A full list of roadshow dates can be found at

New service will mean you can recycle more plastic

23 March 2012

Plastic yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and meat trays will be collected for recycling for the first time in parts of Dorset when the new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service is launched.

This will be the first time mixed plastics have been collected for recycling in the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) area.  Residents in Christchurch and part of East Dorset will be the first to change to this new service this autumn, with other areas following between spring 2013 and 2015.

We will be able to collect mixed plastics when the new service is rolled out because it will have overcome difficulties in sorting them from other materials.  However, it will not be possible to collect them as part of current services.

With the addition of mixed plastics to the new collection service, households will be able to further reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away which gets sent to landfill sites or other treatment facilities.  The types of plastics that residents will be able to put in their recycling collection as part of the new service include:

  • Fizzy drink and squash bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Detergent bottles
  • Shampoo and shower gel bottles
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Margarine tubs
  • Ice cream containers
  • Meat trays (non-polystyrene)
  • Fruit punnets

Residents whose collections are due to change this autumn – which includes the borough of Christchurch and the part of East Dorset including Colehill and Stapehill, Ferndown and Ameysford, Longham, Parley, St Leonards and St Ives, Three Legged Cross, Verwood, West Moors and Wimborne – will be sent a leaflet through the post in May which will explain the new service and what it means for them.

Public roadshows are being held across Christchurch and East Dorset where residents can see the new bins and speak to DWP staff about the new service.  More information about the service including roadshow dates and when it will be introduced across Dorset can be found at

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