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No change to Bank Holiday collections

22 August 2014

Dorset recycling collection crewHooray,  it’s Bank Holiday weekend! But no need to worry about bins – you can relax knowing we will be collecting as normal on Monday.

If you have a Monday bin collection, there’s no change on Bank Holidays. So sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend.

You can check your collection dates online any time, anywhere on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

By going online instead of requesting a printed calendar you can help us save money, paper and carbon.

Stormy weather and bin collections

28 October 2013


Bin collections across Dorset may happen later in the day in some areas today because of fallen trees and flooding following this morning’s strong winds and heavy rain.

Dorset Waste Partnership crews are working hard to complete today’s collection rounds as quickly as possible and expect to finish them by the end of the day.  We will provide updates here when we have them.

We appreciate your patience. Please take your containers back in once they have been emptied to avoid them being blown around.

All household recycling centres are open as normal.

Take care out there!


Which plastics can I recycle?

13 September 2013

margarine tub for blog

If you live in Christchurch, East Dorset or North Dorset, you can recycle plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in your bin with a green lid.

See our web page and leaflet about which plastics can be recycled using the ‘recycle for Dorset’ collection service.

The service is being rolled out across Dorset by 2015 and is coming to Purbeck and part of West Dorset next March.

How your food waste is collected

23 August 2013
Emptying food waste slave bin

A food waste ‘slave’ bin being emptied into the food pod

Have you wondered why collection crews empty your food waste into a wheelie bin before tipping it into the vehicle?

Don’t worry, it’s not being mixed with your rubbish and sent to landfill!

Dorset Waste Partnership crews operating the ‘recycle for Dorset’ service use ‘slave bins’ (as they’re unfortunately referred to) to empty food waste into a separate compartment on our rubbish and recycling collection vehicles.

Slave bins are usually spare grey wheelie bins with the lids taken off that are hooked securely to the back of the vehicle while it is moving.

When the vehicle stops, a crew member empties the brown food waste bins into this slave bin.  Once the slave bin is full, it is attached to a lift on the side of the vehicle and emptied into a separate ‘food pod’ in the middle of the vehicle.

This pod is emptied separately at the materials recycling facility or transfer station before being taken to be used either to generate energy through anaerobic digestion or composting.

A separate slave bin is also used for glass.

We ask you to sort glass separately using your green box because shards of smashed glass would reduce the quality and value of the other recyclable materials, such as paper, if they were mixed together.

Our standard recycling vehicles have three separate sections: one for mixed recycling (your green bin), one for food (your brown food bin) and one for glass (your green box).

It would be too noisy and hazardous for our crews to empty your boxes straight into the glass section (the smaller of the two sections at the rear).  Therefore crew members take turns to tip the glass from boxes into another slave bin, which is then emptied into the vehicle when full.

Glass is then taken to a materials recycling facility before being sent on for reprocessing in the UK.

We’re currently looking at how we can make these ‘slave bins’ more distinctive so they don’t get confused with household rubbish or recycling bins, possibly by using different coloured bins. Perhaps we can come up with a new name for them while we’re at it? Any suggestions welcome!

Find out more about the ‘recycle for Dorset’ service here.

Check your bank holiday collections

1 May 2013

Mother and daughter recycling bottles

This coming Monday is a bank holiday and depending where you live your bin collection may take place a day or two later than normal.

To check when you next collection is go to My Local and enter your post code.

Success in Christchurch and East Dorset

12 April 2013

recycle for dorset familyThe new recycle for Dorset collection service was introduced in Christchurch and East Dorset in October 2012, and figures show it has already made a big difference:

  • Recycling rates in Christchurch nearly doubled. Rising from 34 per cent in 2011 to 62 per cent in 2012.
  • 28 per cent (2,100 tonnes) less rubbish was sent for landfill or treatment between October and December, than the same three months in 2011.
  • The total amount of waste collected was 7 per cent lower than the same three months in 2011
  • East Dorset’s figures (which included one month on the previous service) show an increase in recycling from 43 per cent in 2011 to 49 per cent in 2012.
  • The recycling rate would have been 4 per cent higher but new legistlation means street sweepings can no longer be composted.

The new service will be introduced to North Dorset and the rest of East Dorset during the week beginning Monday 10 June 2013. Find out when the new service will be introduced in your area.

Look out for your leaflet

10 May 2012

Leaflet for Christchurch and East Dorset residents about changes to recycling and rubbish collections this October

If you live Christchurch or parts of East Dorset, you should be receiving a letter and leaflet in the next few weeks about changes to your recycling and rubbish collections.

The changes come into place in October, when the new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service will replace existing services in these areas.

With the new service you will be able to recycle more at home, including cardboard and plastic packaging, will have food waste collected every week and have the option to subscribe to a fortnightly, paid-for garden waste collection.

Your leaflet explains what the new service will look like, including the new containers, and what will happen next. Most people will be able to use the ‘standard’ service, but if there’s a reason this won’t work for your property or needs, you can apply for a non-standard service.

The new service is being introduced in phases across Dorset (not including Bournemouth and Poole) between this October and 2015.  Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

Which part of East Dorset?

The part of East Dorset that will change to the new service in October includes Ameysford, Ashley Heath, Colehill, Ferndown, Longham, Parley, Stapehill, St Leonards and St Ives, Three Legged Cross, Verwood, West Moors and Wimborne.

New service will mean you can recycle more plastic

23 March 2012

Plastic yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and meat trays will be collected for recycling for the first time in parts of Dorset when the new ‘recycle for Dorset’ service is launched.

This will be the first time mixed plastics have been collected for recycling in the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) area.  Residents in Christchurch and part of East Dorset will be the first to change to this new service this autumn, with other areas following between spring 2013 and 2015.

We will be able to collect mixed plastics when the new service is rolled out because it will have overcome difficulties in sorting them from other materials.  However, it will not be possible to collect them as part of current services.

With the addition of mixed plastics to the new collection service, households will be able to further reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away which gets sent to landfill sites or other treatment facilities.  The types of plastics that residents will be able to put in their recycling collection as part of the new service include:

  • Fizzy drink and squash bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Detergent bottles
  • Shampoo and shower gel bottles
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Margarine tubs
  • Ice cream containers
  • Meat trays (non-polystyrene)
  • Fruit punnets

Residents whose collections are due to change this autumn – which includes the borough of Christchurch and the part of East Dorset including Colehill and Stapehill, Ferndown and Ameysford, Longham, Parley, St Leonards and St Ives, Three Legged Cross, Verwood, West Moors and Wimborne – will be sent a leaflet through the post in May which will explain the new service and what it means for them.

Public roadshows are being held across Christchurch and East Dorset where residents can see the new bins and speak to DWP staff about the new service.  More information about the service including roadshow dates and when it will be introduced across Dorset can be found at

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