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Movie: The Clean Bin Project

16 August 2013

clean bin film poster

Could you live completely waste-free?

That’s the question asked by Canadian documentary-makers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer in their multi-award winning film The Clean Bin Project.

The couple undertake a competition to see who can produce the least rubbish in a year. Their light-hearted quest to refuse, reduce and recycle their way to the smallest rubbish bin is set against a darker examination of the large-scale environmental impacts of our ‘throw-away society’.

Check out the trailer now.

Grant and Jen are also embarking on a UK tour. The nearest they’ll be to Dorset will be Warminster on 30 August. To find out more, go to

They’ve also got a blog:

Summer waste advice

24 July 2013


Mollie  caddy (2)Advice to help you avoid problems with flies and odours in your bins this summer:

  • Firstly, stop flies from getting to your waste by keeping the lids of both your kitchen caddy and your food waste bin closed and locked
  • You can use compostable caddy liners to create a further barrier between flies and food waste
  • Whenever possible store your bins out of direct sunlight
  • You should aim to put your food waste bin out for collection every week, even if it isn’t full; this will help keep unwanted odours to a minimum
  • Try to keep your bins as clean as possible in hot weather; simply swilling it with washing up liquid or bicarbonate soda after a collection is a quick and easy way to do it
  • Finally, make an extra effort to reduce your food waste by only buying what you need and using up your leftovers

Save on waste when you’re out and about this summer

22 July 2013

000644-001504Do you find that minimising your waste and maximising your recycling is easy at home but a bit more tricky when you’re out?


Reduce your rubbish

5 July 2013

reusable bagsReducing your waste is a lot easier than it sounds, with a few very simple changes you can really cut down on how much waste you produce.


Reduce your waste

15 May 2013

Stop junk mail (large version)Looking for ways to reduce your waste? Here are our top tips:

  • Try the Love Food Hate Waste portion planner and see how much food, money and waste you can save
  • Register with the Mail Preference Service and limit the amount of junk mail you recieve
  • Buy concentrated products and refills, like detergent and coffee and cut down on packaging
  • Use rechargeable batteries, they last up to 1000 longer
  • Remember to take a cloth bag or old plastic bags shopping with you
  • Make your own compost from your garden waste and fruit and veg peelings
  • Switch to real nappies, and you could cut your waste by 50 per cent

Real Nappy Week: Myth busting

19 April 2013

Baby loading real nappies int toy washing machine (large version)There is a lot of rumors about reusable nappies but we are here to set you straight and let you know the truth about real nappies.

Myth – Reusable nappies leak. The truth is reusable nappies are no more likely to leak than their disposable counter parts

Fact – Reusable nappies can help your child potty train earlier

Myth – Reusable nappies cause nappy rash. Reusable nappies are actually better for your baby’s skin because they are made out of natural fabrics.

Fact – Reusable nappies can save you up to £800 a child. If you are planning on having another child you can also save your nappies to use with them, increasing your savings even further.

Myth – Reusable nappies are no better for the environment. Actually reusable nappies are 40% better for the environment; this is calculated by taking into account all aspects of production, transport, washing (reusable only) and disposal.

Give or Take day this Saturday!

20 January 2011

Give or Take days leaflet (large version)Have you had a New Years clear out? Got a bike you no longer need? Are you looking for some new kitchenware? Or perhaps you want to swap your old novels for a new necklace?

Why not come along to our Give or Take day this Saturday (22 January) at Willowbed Hall, Chickerell from 9am to 12.30pm.

These community waste exchange events are a great way for you to get rid of any clothes, books, toys, small furniture and bric-a-brac you don’t need and pick up something you do.

Plus it’s all free – even if you don’t have anything to bring along, you are welcome to come and take any items you like.

You’ll also be helping the environment by preventing useable items from ending up in landfill sites.

If you can’t make this Saturday, we’ve got other events taking place around the county:

  • 29 January – Colehill Memorial Hall
  • 12 February – Community 2000 Centre, Easton, Portland
  • 26 February – Leigh Park Community Hall, Wimborne
  • 19 March – West Parley Village Hall

A bit of Give or Take in Christchurch

12 November 2010

Give or Take books (large version)Having a clear out before Christmas? Do you have unwanted but usable toys, books, clothes, bric-a-brac, small furniture or jewellery? Here’s an opportunity for you to bring them along to a Give or Take day in Christchurch.

The event takes place this Saturday (13 November) at Highcliffe St Mark Primary School between 9.30am and 12 noon.

A Give and Take Day is the chance for you to pass on the items you own but no longer make use of for reuse. These events are a great way to promote the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle and you can pick up a bargain as well. No money changes hands and lots of useful items are diverted from landfill.

You can also chat to our waste reduction officers about local recycling schemes, stopping junk mail and other ways to reduce your waste.

More Give or Take days will be taking place in Weymouth on 27 November and Corfe Mullen on 4 December. Find out where here.

Have a ghoulish and green Halloween

25 October 2010

Halloween recycling (large version)

Joining in with the spirit of Halloween, our recycling officers will be attending the Bedlam & Broomsticks event at Nothe Fort, Weymouth tomorrow (Tuesday 26 October) from 10.30am.

A great day of spooky fun for all the family, we’ve organised plenty of themed reuse and recycling related activities for children, so stop by our stand and have a go. Activities include Halloween grass heads and badge making, plus lots more.

Our recycling officers will be available to chat to you about any recycling issues or waste reduction campaigns. The stand will also be packed with lots of useful information from stopping food waste to home composting, so we hope to see you there!

Don’t be frightened to recycle this Halloween. Here are three top ‘tricks’ to scare your family and friends but ‘treat’ the environment:

  • Going to a Halloween party? Why not get creative and make your own costume out of recycled materials or visit the local charity shop and see what they’ve got on offer that you can utilise
  • Making a lantern? Don’t for get pumpkin leftovers can be used to make shockingly good recipes such as roast pumpkin lasagne or pumpkin tart, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website (opens in a new window) for more
  • Save your fancy dress costume and reuse it next year or recycle as much of it and any Halloween decorations as possible. Remember pumpkin leftovers can be composted

Let us know if you have any scary tips to help recycle this Halloween!

Recycler the rapping robot returns

11 October 2010

Recycler performing his rap (large version)Great news, Recycler the raping robot will be back in Dorset touring primary schools next week (18-21 October). Bringing recycling to life, pupils and teachers will enjoy a lively and fun educational show about reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Recycler will also be performing his popular toe-tapping rap.

And, the Momo Theatre will also be touring secondary schools next week. Using a mixture of humour and education, ‘The man from the council’ show communicates information about landfill sites, the three Rs and composting in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Read more.

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