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Come along to Give or Take Day on Portland

23 September 2013

Give or Take day (large version)

Get rid of reusable items you no longer need and pick up something you do at the next Give or Take Day on Saturday 28 September at the Brackenbury Centre, Fortuneswell, Portland.

The free event is being run by Dorset Waste Partnership and Synergy Housing’s Portland Neighbourhood Panel.

It takes place between 9.30am and 12noon.  Items you would like to give away can be dropped off at the centre any time between 9.15am and 11.30am.

Give or Take Days help to encourage reuse in the community and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.  Even if you have nothing to bring along, you are more than welcome to come and take what you fancy on the day.

You can bring:

  • Books
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Tools
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Kitchenware
  • Small furniture
  • Jewellery
  • Bikes and bike parts
  •  Plants and gardening equipment
  • And working electrical equipment

The only rule is it must be able to fit in a car.

Staff from the Dorset Waste Partnership will be on hand with information on local recycling and waste reduction schemes and refreshments will be available to purchase on the day.

Movie: The Clean Bin Project

16 August 2013

clean bin film poster

Could you live completely waste-free?

That’s the question asked by Canadian documentary-makers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer in their multi-award winning film The Clean Bin Project.

The couple undertake a competition to see who can produce the least rubbish in a year. Their light-hearted quest to refuse, reduce and recycle their way to the smallest rubbish bin is set against a darker examination of the large-scale environmental impacts of our ‘throw-away society’.

Check out the trailer now.

Grant and Jen are also embarking on a UK tour. The nearest they’ll be to Dorset will be Warminster on 30 August. To find out more, go to

They’ve also got a blog:

8 different things to do with your old clothes

5 August 2013

 000644-000073Whether its too big, too small or you just don’t like it anymore there is only one thing you shouldn’t do with your old clothes, and thats bin them! Why not try one of our favourite ways to make something more out of the clothes you no longer want:

  1. Recycle it – There are loads of recycling banks all around Dorset, and the clothes placed in these are either reused or recycling. You can find out where your nearest clothing recycling bank is at Dorset for you
  2. Fix it – A lot of the time clothes we thought were ruined could be fixed with a few stitches or a cleverly placed patch. If you aren’t a dab hand at sewing why not try a seamstress?
  3. Upcycle – If you love the fabric, or simply don’t want to let go of it why not try turning it into something new? make-do-and-mend have lots of great ideas for turning your old clothes into something new
  4. Donate – Donating your clothes to charity is a really great way to make room in your wardrobe whilst doing something good, you might be suprised at how rewarding a feeling it can be.
  5. Swish it – The latest fashion craze to sweep the nation. Swishing is all about swapping your clothes, its a great excuse for a party, visit to find out more or do it online at
  6. Exchange it – Some clothing stores are now starting to offer money off vouchers in exchange for you recycling your old clothes with them. Marks and Spencer and H&M are both have great schemes running at the moment.
  7. Resell – From e-Bay to carboot sales selling your old clothes can be easy, rewarding and profitable.
  8. Refresh – Just like your walls need a new lick of paint every now and again, using some fabric dye can make your clothes look new again.

Reduce your rubbish

5 July 2013

reusable bagsReducing your waste is a lot easier than it sounds, with a few very simple changes you can really cut down on how much waste you produce.


WEEE recycle your electronics

1 July 2013

electricalsHave you avoided throwing out the old toaster because you’re not sure what to do with it? Don’t worry, here at the Dorset Waste Partnership we have the answer.


Top ways to reuse more

28 June 2013

Furniture reuseBelieve it or not, your waste really could be another mans treasure. From that old sofa to the exercise bike sat lonely in the garage, there’s plenty of ways to reuse things all over Dorset.


Got any spare balls of wool?

24 June 2013

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Do you have bags of wool sat lifeless in a cupboard which you keep meaning to get rid of?  Instead of just throwing it out why not donate it to charity; Age UK Dorchester is always looking for donations of double knit wool in any colour to meet the growing demands their army of charity knitters.

Volunteers have been busy knitting up cuddly teddy bears for Dorset County Hospital recently and it won’t be long before they start their next project and need even more wool.

To donate you spare wool please contact Nicky Turrell on 07971 338700 or

Any donations will be gratefully received.

Wear not, waste not

25 May 2013

clothing waste5 per cent of the household waste stream is made up of clothing, and whether it is tattered and torn, or just out of style it all has some value. Here are six different ways you can reuse or recycle your old clothes:

  1. Take them to your local mini recycling centre where they can be sent for reuse and recycling
  2. Drop them into a charity shop, remember to make sure all the items are in sellable condition first
  3. Try selling your old clothes online, this can be fun and rewarding
  4. Offer friends and family a first look at the items you are getting rid of
  5. Get crafty; you can turn an pair of old jeans into a bag, or just use socks and t-shirts to make cheap re-usable dusting cloths
  6. Finally look out for trade in schemes at your favourite shops. Both H&M and Marks & Spencer offer money off vouvhers in exchange for recycling your clothes in store.

Give or take in Weymouth this Saturday

11 April 2013

Recycling toysHad a bit of a spring clean? Got unwanted books, toys, tools, bric-a-brac, kitchenware, small furniture or bikes?

Then bring them along to the next Give or Take Day organised by the Park Community Centre on Chelmsford Street, Weymouth on Saturday 13 April, from 9.30am to 12 noon. You can pass on the items you own but no longer make use of, and pick a few things you need, and its all free.

 Staff from the local Dorset Waste Partnership will also be there to give information on your local recycling scheme, and tips for reducing and reusing your waste.

For more information, contact the Park Community Centre on 01305 839579 or visit the newsroom.

Born-again bikes

13 April 2012

Photo: Battersea Cogs Home /

Ever wondered what happens to those bicycles you see abandoned padlocked to lamposts, stripped of their working parts? Some of them end up being recycled and sent to new lives in Africa. Check out this Guardian blog post about some inventive schemes for repurposing those unwanted bike carcasses around the country.

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