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Finish Your Food champions

5 August 2011

St Mary's CE VC Primary School 'Finish Your Food' champions (large version)Pupils at St Mary’s CE VC Primary School have been crowned ‘Finish Your Food’ champions after being awarded the Mr. Silly Sausage trophy for reducing the amount of food they throw away by a massive 95 per cent!

The school was one of six Dorset schools which took part in a new ‘Finish Your Food. Don’t be a Silly Sausage’ trial campaign designed to encourage primary school pupils and their families to cut food waste.

Our waste education officer, Kirsten Juniper, visited each school during the summer and weighed the amount of food wasted after pupils had finished lunch and then engaged with children in an assembly about how much food gets thrown away. Kirsten then returned to each of the schools two weeks later to see how much they’d managed to reduce their food waste by.

Tanya Robinson, Head teacher of St Mary’s CE VC Primary School, said: “The Finish Your Food campaign has really brought attention to our pupils how much waste piles up from the scrapings of plates at lunchtime each day, it was quite a shock for the children to weigh the total! Kirsten clearly outlined the reasons why we should strive to eat up every mouthful and our pupils took this on board and have since made a real effort to polish off their food. They were delighted at winning the silly sausage trophy and felt it was well deserved!”

Dorset Schools interested in participating in the autumn term can contact Kirsten Juniper on 01305 22866. Also see our schools recycling education web page for information on other activities we provide.

Pupils give recycling A+

24 May 2011

Stalbridge pupils make mini compost bins (large version)Pupilsfrom  Stalbridge Primary School recently visited Wareham Education Centre for a fun and interactive morning learning about recycling and composting. The youngsters took part in a range of recycling activities and games, made their own mini compost bins and took a tour around the household recycling centre to see what materials can be recycled or reused. It was then off to see where all their waste ends up if they don’t recycle it – a landfill site.

Thumbs up for composting

24 November 2010

West End Pre-School, SherborneOur education officer recently visited nursery schools in Dorchester and Sherborne to talk to children about home composting and how it helps the environment in a fun and interactive way.

Children enjoyed taking part in the thumbs up game, where they were shown a mix of items including ‘greens’ (tea bags, grass cuttings and fruit peelings) and ‘browns’ (egg/cereal boxes, straw and hay) and asked whether these can be composted. They gave items their thumbs up if they could.

Recycler the rapping robot returns

11 October 2010

Recycler performing his rap (large version)Great news, Recycler the raping robot will be back in Dorset touring primary schools next week (18-21 October). Bringing recycling to life, pupils and teachers will enjoy a lively and fun educational show about reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Recycler will also be performing his popular toe-tapping rap.

And, the Momo Theatre will also be touring secondary schools next week. Using a mixture of humour and education, ‘The man from the council’ show communicates information about landfill sites, the three Rs and composting in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Read more.

Bere Regis First School wins recycling competition

9 August 2010

Bere Regis First School textile collection cheque presenation (large version)Bere Regis First School is celebrating after winning the latest schools textiles competition.

Schools across the county were challenged to collect the most textiles per head at each school, to encourage pupils to think about waste reduction and recycling.

Collecting a massive 1,723 kilos of textiles, which is more than 25 kg per child, Bere Regis First School raised more than £1,000 in prize money. The school is planning to use this money for various projects including maintaining the garden and improving the playground.

Runners up for the competition were Cheselbourne First School and St James First School, Gaunts Common, Wimborne.

Three Rs are top of the class

2 August 2010

Children helping with a school waste audit (large version)Almost 8,500 school children across the county have taken part in activities designed to teach them about the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – this past academic year.

Our recycling officers visited more than 80 local schools as part of a fun and interactive programme to educate youngsters about the benefits of reducing waste and helping the environment.

Activities include:

  • Educational shows such as Recycler the rapping robot
  • Assembly or individual class talks
  • Visits to the education centre in Wareham – pupils discover how and what can be recycled, take a look at objects made from recycled materials and learn about composting
  • Trips to Wareham household recycling centre and landfill sites
  • Quizzes, pictures and fact sheets
  • Waste audits

Learn more about our school and educational visits here.

Turn textiles into treasure

26 February 2010

Textiles (large version)

Do you want to be named the best school in Dorset for textile recycling?

All schools in the county are being encouraged to take part in a fantastic competition to turn textiles into treasure. The challenge is to collect the highest amount of textiles per child in each school.

The winning school will be awarded £600 for each tonne collected.

This is a great yet simple way to help the environment, promote and encourage textile reuse and recycling and raise funds for extra resources for schools.

Here’s a list of accepted textiles:

  • Clean clothes
  • Sheets and towels
  • Paired shoes
  • Belts and handbags
  • Curtains
  • Fabric and blankets
  • Soft toys

The good news is that each participating school will receive £300 per tonne of textiles collected.

Read more.

Winners go from recycling to cycling

22 January 2010

Lulworth Pre-School textile recycling competiton winners (large version)Congratulations to Lulworth Camp Pre-School, the winners of the schools textile recycling competition.

Collecting a brilliant 17kgs of textiles per child, they beat off strong competition from schools across Dorset to be named textile recycling champions.

The school will be using the prize money towards some new bikes for the children and plants for their garden.

Second place went to Piddle Valley CE VA First School in West Dorset and Sturminster Marshall First School in East Dorset came third.

Sponsors, TRC Limited, have been so impressed by the amount of textiles collected that it is running another schools textiles recycling competition from January 2010 until the end of June 2010.

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